Biz Quiz 009 Questions and Answers

1) What blunder does Coca Cola did with this advertisement Kia Ora, Mate in New ZeaLand?

Kia ora coca cola

Kia Ora mate ad

Ans The literal meaning of this word Kia Ora Mate in local language is “Greetings Death ” or “Hello Death”. But what they wanted was to mix the local language with English word Mate.

2) After a gap of almost 6 years, Hyundai is launching which car again in market with new look – code named AH-2?

Ans – Hyundai Santro

3) Myntra has launched which ethnic brand recently with Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan?

Ans – House of Pataudi

4) Which sports celebrity in association with Puma has recently launched a sneaker namely “Basket Classic One8” which was also designed by the celebrity itself?

Ans – Virat kohli

5) Which company has recently launched flagship blockchain-focused smartphone “Exodus 1” which can be bought with cryptocurrency tokens only?

Ans – HTC has launched this phone to keep customer’s cryptocurrency safe and has developed its own cryptocurrency wallet Zion. This phone can be bought at 0.15 Bitcoin.

6) Which celebrity has recently launched Women safety app “Raudram”?

Ans – Kamal Hassan

7) Which London based Auction house will soon be auctioning 22 items from physicist Stephen Hawking which included his wheelchairs and thesis papers?

Ans – Christie’s

8) Which India’s furniture marketplace has launched the campaign “Diwali to sabke liye hai”?

Ans – Pepperfry

9) Tanishq has launched an exquisite collection of Jewellery this Diwali. What’s its name?

Ans – Tanishq Utsav

10) Which condom brands recently tweeted about “Top Ten things men should understand, No means No” in support of #metoo campaign

Manforce tweet

metoo campaign

Ans – Manforce Condoms

11) Minister of Environment has launched what campaign for a healthy and Green Diwali?

Ans – Harit Diwali-Swasth Diwali campaign

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