Biz Quiz 10 Limited edition Question and answers

1) This is special edition Tissot watches, but in stop watch, number 20 has been replaced with 18 as one can see in below picture. Why?

Tissot special edition

Tissot 18

Ans – This is Tissot Chrono XL Classic specially edited to commemorate its international brand ambassador Virat Kohli. Stop watch number 20 has been replaced with Virat Kohli jersey no 18 as a special customization dedicated to him.

2) This is limited edition headphones designed by beats by DRE. Whom this is dedicated to ?

Beats headphones

Beats Headphones

Ans – This is new special edition Mickey Mouse Solo 3 Wireless headphones launched for celebrating 90th anniversary of Mickey Mouse in collaboration with Lil Yatchy rapper.

3) In association with Taco Bell, Microsoft has launched X Box One X platinum limited edition. A person who purchase a double chalupa box for $5 will get a lucky chance to win this XBox. What special peculiarity is built in this.

Ans – One can hear the ring of Taco Bell when you power up your Xbox One X unlike any other XBox console.

4) For celebrating what, Absolut Vodka has launched this special edition vodka?

Tiger 70% population

Absolut Vodka

Ans – To celebrate that India is now home to 70% of the world’s Tiger population.

5) Diageo owned Johnnie Walker has recently released Limited edition Scotch whisky “White walker” is inspired by what ?

Ans – Games of Thrones

6) Partnering with electric car maker Tesla, which company will soon be launching special edition Magic 2?

Ans – Honor by Huawei

7) HongKong watch maker company Anicorn has recently launched Limited edition watches only 60 in number in association with whom?

image courtesy of Anicorn

Anicorn NASA watch

Ans – To celebrate 60 years of peaceful exploration of space, Anicorn in association with NASA has launched only 60 watches which was sold out in 1 minute only.

8) Which company will soon be launching these Limited edition Game of thrones inspired sneakers?


GOT adidas sneakers

Ans – Adidas

9) Which company will soon be launching remastered classic yellow boot to celebrate its 45th anniversary?

Ans – Timberland which was earlier called Abington Shoe company launched an yellow boot and named it Timberland from where the company current name is taken.

10) Which fast food chain has recently launched a burger named “Nightmare King” just ahead of Halloween?

Ans – Burger King

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