Biz Quiz 012 Questions and Answers

1) Which company has recently launched Bikaneri twistkeen salty snacks?

Ans- Kurkure by Pepsico

2) Which company has recently launched a campaign #GiftAFestival to your mom for the upcoming Diwali?

Ans – Bajaj Electricals

3) Which person also called as “Father of Android” was recently accused of sexually conduct with #metoo campaign and for which Google was accused of not making accusation on him public?

Ans – Andy Rubin

4) Amazon(US) has recently launched a program for teaching computer coding to students which targets 1000000 students per year to teach how to code. Whats the name of the program?

Ans – Amazon Future Engineer

5) Amazon has recently tied up with which bank for launching a credit card which will give reward points which are uncapped, do not expire, and each reward point is equivalent to 1 rupee.

Ans – ICICI Bank

6) Which brand under ITC has launched its first-ever ruby chocolates this Diwali?

Ans – ITC Fabelle

7) Royole corporation has recently launched Flexipai Phone. What special feature make it the world’s first such kind of phone?

Ans – World’s first foldable phone which can withstand more than 200000 open and shut movements.

8) Which company recently launched free streaming platform ET Live?

Ans – CBS

9) Paytm recently launched app for mutual fund. Whats its name?

Ans Paytm Money

10) Elon Musk recently announced Tesla branded Tequila. Whats its name?

Ans – Teslaquilla

11) Which bank has recently unveiled interactive game based mobile ad campaign that promotes Sampurn(e)arth which is a CSR initiative for comprehensive waste management?

Ans – DBS Bank

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