Biz Quiz 014 Questions and Answers

Former PepsiCo chief Indra Nooyi has joined board of directors of which company?

Ans – Amazon

2. Which company has recently came with an opportunistic ad based on the famous dialogue of movie Uri – “Hows the Josh”?

Ans – Bajaj Allianz

3. Which channel has launched the #BabySitting campaign ahead of the Australia’s Tour of India where Virender Sehwag is the lead character?

Ans – Star Sports

4. Which fully-owned subsidiary of Shanghai-headquartered auto firm SAIC Motor Corporation will soon be entering Indian SUV market in mid 2019 (Hint – No, We don’t build garages)

Ans – Morris Garages

5. Which Sweden based music streaming service has recently been launched in India at monthly subscription price of Rs 119?

Ans – Spotify

6. Spotify has launched in India with this small digital film. Which advertising agency has conceptualised this film?

Ans – Leo Burnett India

7. Which company is behind the new Voice of Hunger challenge launched for all Instagram users ?

Ans – Swiggy

8. IRCTC has launched their own payment aggregator. What’s its name?

Ans – IRCTC iPay

9. OYO has launched their operations in Japan through joint venture with which company?

Ans – Yahoo

10. Billionaire Steven Rales has recently announced purchase of GE’s biopharma business at $21.4 Billion in cash. Which movie this person coproduced that was nominated in Best animated feature film. ( Although it didn’t got the Oscars).

Ans – Isle of Dogs

11. Which two companies has recently joined to start a “Nextgen Cup Challenge ” to make more sustainable paper cup?

Ans – Starbucks and McDonalds, other companies that later joined this are Coca Cola, Yum brands, Nestle and Wendy’s

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