Biz Quiz 018 – New Gadgets and devices 2019-2020

  1. Which company has launched 100 bikes named Rage rider which is a anger power scooter?

Ans – Angry Birds by Rovio

2) Which company has launched this FM Radio power bank with 10,000mAh capacity?

Xiaomi FM Radio Power Bank

Ans – Xiaomi

3) Amazon has launched this Echo version at Rs4999 specifically in India. How is this unique from other Echo devices.

Ans – This is Amazon Echo portable edition which is only battery powered Echo device launched by Amazon

4) What is the name of this limited edition gift box launched by Mondelez India in July during Amazon Prime Day?

Oreo Stereo

Ans – Oreo Stereo

5) Which company has recently launched this fish tank in Chinese market?

Ans – Xiaomi

6) Which company launched these Audio Sunglasses in 2019?

Ans – Bose

7) Glasses of which company did Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi is wearing while looking at solar eclipse?

Maybach Eyewear

Ans – Maybach, Model is Maybach Eyewear The Artist V

8) Longines recently released a limited edition watch limited to only 5 pieces in honour of which celebrity?


Ans – Aishwarya rai Bachchan

9) Which company recently launched this unique pinstripe helmets which got sold out in 180 seconds?

Pinstripes helmet

Ans – Royal Enfield

10) Whats so unique about this SIM card ?

Ans – This is Eco SIM Card, This is Environment friendly sim card which uses less than 4 grams of Plastic as compared to 16 grams in normal SIMs.

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