Biz Quiz 017 Questions and answers December 2019

  1. Which vintage candy of Parle was relaunched when a fan tweeted Parle to relaunch this product and in turn Parle replied to get 10000 retweets featuring certain hashtags #Bringback____. Which candy thus was relaunched?

Ans – Rola Cola

2. Name this vehicle which was announced recently with features like armored plating and bulletproof glass but became a part of meme when the front glass broke just with a small steel ball.

Ans – Tesla CyberTruck

3. LIBOR – London Inter-Bank offered rate will soon be replaced by SONIA. What is the full form of SONIA?

Ans – Sterling Overnight Index Average

4. Rivigo – A billion dollar logistics startup uses a relay truck model to move shipment from one place to another. What do they call their drivers?

Ans – Pilots

5. Which company few months back launched app “Bolo” for teaching kids learn in Hindi?

Ans – Google

6. Realme has launched a full-stack financial services platform in India. Whats its name?

Ans – Real Me Paysa

7. Which company has recently launched Audible Suno app in India?

Ans – Amazon

8. Which country has recently launched its online AI crash course free for the world – ?

Ans – Finland

9. Who has recently launched this foldable phone? And whats its name ?

Ans – Roberto Escobar , Escobar Fold 1 Phone

10) Why Jacques Kallis has uploaded a picture of his with moustache half shaved on Instagram?

Ans – He has taken “Save the Rhino” challenge which requires shaving half his facial and chest hair in order to raise awareness and money to save Rhino Population.

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