Biz Quiz 002 Questions and Answers

  1. First part of name has been taken from its creator while second part is an Italian word which is type of nougat. This thing originated in 1908. What?

Ans – Toblerone – Toblerone was created by Theodor Tobler and Toblerone is portmanteau of Tobler’s name with the Italian word torrone (which is a type of nougat.)

2. Rishi Malhotra, Vinodh Bhat and Paramdeep Singh are co-founder of this and its headquarter is in Park Avenue, New York, what.

Ans – Saavn

3. On Valentines Day, Priya P Varrier did an ad on Instagram stating “So many Valentine’s requests but I m staying single.” Identify the product

Ans – Pringles

4. This ad is from Col. Sanders’ company as an apology to its customer for closing many KFC outlets in UK due to shortage of chicken. The shortage was a result of switch from one logistics to another. To which company did KFC shifted?

Ans – DHL

5. Nokia 8110 banana phone launched few days back was also launched back in 1996. Back then, use of this phone in a famous movie also helped popularised the phone and gave it a nickname, id movie

Ans – The Matrix Phone

6. India was the major producer of X as back as 30bc, which was traded in Europe through Egyptian, Romans and Arabs. With the discovery of route to India by Vasco da Gama, this trade came under the control of Portuguese. This shift had a high price which was finally borne by consumer resulting it as expensive as gold. Later with various colonial rule in Asia, it suffered the same fate as tea. International X exchange is located in Y, India while Z has become the major producer of X. Id X,Y & Z

Ans – X=Pepper, Y = Kochi, Z= Vietnam

7) Why the name twofour54, (this is a media zone located at heart of one of the fastest growing media markets in the world)?

Ans – Coordinates of Abu Dhabi

8) Amazon recently bought a door bell company with estimated $1 billion (approx Rs. 6,500 crores) in cash. What’s the company name?

Ans – Ring

9) Name this new app app developed by National Highway Authority of India which  enables users to report accidents, enter information of road quality and locate facilities like restaurants,  hospitals and petrol pumps on National Highways?

Ans – Sukhad Yatra

10) Songbirds,keynotes, pintunes, Googapella, etc are group of employees from various tech firms and can be seen at Techapella. What are they famous for?

Ans – All are musical group  from Twitter, apple, Pinterest, Google. Techapella is an annual Christmas concert where the in-house a cappella teams from all of the major technology companies showcase their singing capabilities.

Ecology/Environment Questions

11) Which day has been declared by Assam Government as Rhino Day?

Ans – September 22

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