Biz Quiz 003 Questions and Answers

1) Founded by IIT kanpur engineer Rahul Gautam and his mom sheela a four Time member of Parliament, this company leads in India with market share of 23 %, which company whose product you can find in many home.

Ans – Sleepwell Mattresses from Sheela Foam

2) This brewery started in 1860 was managed by family of Edward dyer and it was once listed in calcutta stock exchange. And on 2012, daughter of Bruce Willis was arrested in New York over drinking product of this at public place. Although this brewery claimed that this product is not exported to New York.

Ans – Murree Brewery from Pakistan.

3) Who is the new brand ambassador of Vivo replacing Ranveer Singh?
Ans – Aamir Khan

4) JIO has launched new AI-based brand engagement platform. Whats its name?
Ans – JIO Interact

5) The name of the product is mixing of the words like Alphonso, fun zone and the product started because it was supposed to be fun – the marketing director of the company said. Which recently launched product I am talking about?

Ans – Bisleri Fonzo

6) Meetha Pan, Kaala Khatta, Silky Chocolate and Juicy Strawberry has been launched keeping the Indian tastes and preferences in mind recently. Which company is behind this?

Ans – Durex Kohinoor

7) Recently Amazon has launched a lite web browser for Android devices in India. Whats it is called.

Ans – Internet

8) X licensing “can get quite expensive “ on a global scale. So Y design team, led by Noah Nathan and Tanya Kumar created their own X, which they say could save millions of dollars each year. What’s X and Y . Earlier they were using Gotham.

Ans – X=Font, Y = Netflix, Their new font is called Netflix Sans

9) It was founded by Khwaja Abdul Hamied as ‘The Chemical, Industrial & Pharmaceutical Laboratories’ in 1935 in Mumbai. Whats its current name?

Ans – Cipla


Daisy Robot

This is Daisy Robot. What does it do?

Ans – Recycle Iphones

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