Biz Quiz 004 Questions and Answers

1) Which app have benn launched by Instagram to take on its rival YouTube and Snapchat?
Ans – IGTV

2) Udna hai, Aaj Abhi is tagline of which company?
Ans – Future Group



Mi Pen , pillow and t shirt

Which company has recently launched Rollerball Pen, T-Shirt and Travel Pillow in India.

Ans- Xiaomi

4) Present Day Zimbabwe and Zambia were earlier called Rhodesia whose name was inspired from prime minister of cape colony in south Africa. What company that person started in 1871 that has still prominence in 21st century?

Ans – De Beers

5) Patanjali has tied up with which company to launch Swadeshi Samriddhi SIM cards?

Ans – BSNL

6) This Mumbai-based NGO was one among the seven charities picked by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to receive donations instead of a wedding gifts. Whats the name of this NGO?

Ans – Myna Mahila Foundation

7) Aiming at internationalisation of the country’s digital payment platform, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently launched three Indian mobile payment apps BHIM, RuPay and SBI app in which country ?

Ans – Singapore

8) In 2017 Forbes billionaire list two persons are brothers and are in top ten list. They both are from which company?

Ans – Koch Industries


logo of mphasis

mphasis logo

This is the new logo of which company?

Ans – Mphasis

10) 3) What is the parent company of Duracell Inc.-An American manufacturing company that produces batteries and smart power systems?

Ans – Berkshire Hathaway

11) As per recent WHO’s study of over 4,000 cities in 100 countries based on a comparison of the average amount of PM2.5 particle, how many cities are in India in world’s 10 most polluted cities?

Ans – Nine

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