Biz Quiz 005 Questions and Answers

1) Which company has recently announced its electric car sharing service – WE?

Ans – Volkswagen

2) Recent ad by which brand says “hamare yahan rishte hi se nhi , chai se bante Hain?

Ans – Wagh Bakri Chai

3) In Its 41st AGM, RIL(Reliance Industries Limited) has announced new “fibre based high speed broadband service”?. Whats its name and when open registrations for this will start?

Ans – It has been named JioGigaFibre. The Registration process for this will start on 15th August 2018.


driverless bus

Which company just announced this driverless mini bus in China after making its 100th autonomous bus.

Ans – Baidu

5) Currently 3rd by market cap in breweries n distilleries in India, this company owns the famous brand 8PM. Which company.

Ans – Radico Khaitan

6) To create 5000 medals for Olympics and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020, What donation does Tokyo Metropolitan Government is seeking for extraction of Copper, Gold and silver to make medals?

Ans – Mobile Phone. Over 80000 mobile phones and other electronic devices has already been donated to Tokyo Metropolitan Government.



Allen Ikea Falcon

This is Allen the pregrine falcon installed by a company. Which company and what’s its made of?

Ans – Company is Ikea and this is made up of Allen Keys. This 23 foot wide bird was made from over 17000 Allen keys – the tool which is used to assemble many IKEA furniture.


burdock burrs


This is burdock burrs which gave inspiration to an electrical engineer George’s De Mestral to make something that we all are using in many ways. What?

Ans- Velcro

9) Mogo- what is this in relation to e-commerce site of India and which company has launched it.

Ans – Myntra launched its new Musical logo and named it Mogo

10) Kissan presently owned by HUL purchased this brand in 1993 from X. while X acquired kissan from Mitchell bros in 1950. I’d X

Ans – United Breweries Group


lacoste logo

lacoste save our species

Which company has swapped its distinctive logo for one of 10 threatened animal species on a series of limited-edition polo shirts?

Ans – Lacoste

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