Biz Quiz 006 Questions and Answers

1) Which Indian celebrity has recently invested in Bumble and a coding education company called Holberton School.

ANS – Priyanka Chopra

2) Who has recently been appointed as chief economist of International Monetary Fund (IMF)

ANS – G Gopinath

3) Which Indian crypto-currency exchange has recently shutdown its services?

ANS – Zebpay

4) Flipkart has tied up with which company to offer insurance to products like mobiles bought on its online shopping platform from October 10?

Ans – Bajaj Allianz

5) Which celebrity has recently launched his lifestyle brand PROWL?

Ans – Tiger Shroff

6) Who has recently published a book – Paradise Towers?

Ans – Shweta Bachchan-Nanda

7) Who has been recently appointed as CEO of ICICI bank post Chanda Kochchar?

Ans – Sandeep Bakshi

8) Recently government has granted Geographical Indication (GI) tag to the Alphonso Mango from Ratnagiri, Sindhudurg and other adjoining areas in Maharashtra. Which is the first product to get a GI tag in India in 2004?

Ans – Darjeeling Tea

9) Which brand has recently came up with campaign #ChalBadhChal featuring Roshni Misbah aka Hijabi Biker?

Ans – Liberty Shoes for line of sports footware – LEAP 7X.

10) Star Sports in association with which company brought legends Prasad and Sohail together to recreate their iconic moment of rivalry during Asia Cup match between India vs Pakistan?

Ans – Brooke Bond Red Label

11) Which country will be launching launched “Clean and green” campaign on October 13 2018?

Ans – Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan will be launching “Clean and Green Pakistan” 5 year campaign.

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