Biz Quiz 015 Questions and answers 2019

  1. Which company has recently launched their first gaming smartphone under its sub-brand iQoo?

Ans – Vivo

2. Which company has recently launched a smartphone
Power Max P18K which has a gigantic battery of 18000mAh?

Ans – Energizer

3. Paytm will be launching subscription based loyalty program which will include free susbcription, Zomato gold, Viu Premium, Sony Liv subscription and many more. Whats its name?

Ans – Paytm First

4. Which company has invested Rs 10 crore in its new ad campaign ‘Subway Baby’?

Ans – Saint Gobain

5. Pillsbury Cookie Cake has tied up with which IPL team in its latest campaign ”
Pillsbury Cookie Cake Jo Khaaye, Fan Ban Jaaye “?

Ans – Royal Challengers Bangalore

6. Uber has launched a new feature for female drivers in which country which lets them block male passengers from hailing their ride ?

Ans – Saudi Arabia

7. Recently Asian Tea Alliance launched in China, which five countries are part of this alliance?

Ans – India, China, Indonesia, Sri lanka and Japan

8. Manish Maheshwari has been appointed as head of Twitter India.
He previously worked in Procter and Gamble, Network18 Digital, Mckinsey and which ecommerce company?

Ans – Flipkart

9) As per the survey by UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) , which is the most common password?

Ans – 123456

10) Which company has recently opened nine square kilometer facility that can house up to 25,000 employees where campus is split into towns named after European city?

Ans – Huawei

11) Which city has recently started Pollution tax specially targeted to older cars?

Ans – London

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