Biz Quiz 016 Questions and answers Nov 2019

  1. Lenovo owned sub brand Motorola will be launching a new version of which vintage phone at a whooping price of $1500.

Ans – Moto Razr

2) Disney has launched a new streaming app recently. What’s its name ?

Ans – Disney Plus

3) Hardcastle Restaurants has dragged the government to court over no input tax credit in the GSTframework for restaurants. This Company owns franchise for what in India?

Ans – Mc Donalds

4) Which company has recently launched a meme creating app called “Whale” for its iPhone users?

Ans – Facebook

5) Which smartphone manufacturer will unveil its all new Operating system ColorOs7 in India on November 26 2019?

Ans – Oppo

6) Which company recently bought Fitbit for an all cash deal of $2.1 Billion?

Ans – Google

7) According to the 2019 Ad Age Leading National Advertisers report, which company spend maximum in 2018 in advertising.

Ans – Comcast

8) Which app has recently launched this feature in their app which is limited to only OnePlus phones during Diwali this year 2019?


Ans – Snapchat

9) Co-Founder of which company has recently launched a social networking app WT: Social to take on Facebook and twitter?

Ans – Wikipedia

10) Which app has launched these stickers and what name has been given to these?

Ans – Hikemoji by Hike

11) Give me the full form. It is initiative by MP tourism?

Ans – Toilet Cleaning Monitoring system

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