Biz Quiz 008 Questions and Answers

1) Which company will soon be launching India’s first Crypto ATM?

Ans – Unocoin

2) Startup by Sports tech company Spektacom unveiled a ‘Power Bat’ powered by Microsoft Azure Sphere which can show four parameters of data about any shot played by a batsman in real time. Which person is behind this startup?

Ans – Anil Kumble

3) Conceptualised by Ogilvy India, which company has recently launched Braille enabled bottles for visually impaired people?

Ans – ITC with its Savlon brand came up with this on occasion of World Sight Day (October 11).

4) Which companyhas launched new helpdesk service – AskDisha?


5) India’s larget selling two wheeler scooter brand has crossed which benchmark ?

Ans – Sold 2 crores scooter.

6) Which company recently acquired Mumbai-based, food-tech startup Holachef for an undisclosed sum?

Ans – Foodpanda owned by OLA

7) OPPO recently announced their VOOC flash charging system which will charge your phone from 0 to 75% in just 30 minutes. What’s the full form of VOOC.

Ans – Voltage Open Loop Multi-step Constant-Current Charging

8) Mahindra & Mahindra has signed definitive agreements with which company to share Bharat Stage VI-compliant engines?

Ans – Ford India

9) Which clothing brand has came up with a campaign “Best is yet to come” to celebrate its 25th Anniversary in India?

Ans – Arrow brought in India by Arvind Fashions

10) Nokia has signed which actress as brand ambassador in India?

Ans – Alia Bhatt

11) Which other person apart from France President Emmanuel Macron has been selected for this year’s ‘Champions of the Earth’ award which is UN’s highest environmental honour?

Ans – Narendra Modi


Biz Quiz 007 Questions and Answers

1) Kingfisher has launched its first non alcoholic drink. Whats its name?

Ans – Radler

2) Who is the author of the new book “The Paradoxical Prime Minister”?

Ans – Shashi Tharoor

3) Which company has recent launched a slate of original programming which will include a mix of scripted series and reality shows?

Snap originals logo

Snap originals

Ans — Snapchat has launched this. It will be a series of new programmed with scripted shows under Discover tab in their app.

4) Which bank launched India’s first debit cum credit card called “Duo card”(#keepitsingle)?

Ans – IndusInd Bank

5) Which company will be entering in packaged drinking water segment with Reminero brand?

Ans – HPCL

6) Which company has recently launched new search engine “Dataset Search” for scientific community?

Ans – Google

7) Which company has recently shutdown their social network owing to exposure of data of millions of their users to outside developers?

Ans – Google has stopped Google Plus (Google+).

8) Which company is the exclusive provider of wearable technology for Xiaomi and is maker of the wearable brand of Xiaomi – Mi Band. This company is backed by Sequoia Capital, Banyan Capital, Xiaomi and other few companies. Name it?

Ans – Huami

9) This Company trades at NASDAQ with ticker symbol SIRI, and recently inn ews for purchasing streaming music service “Pandora”?

Ans – Sirius XM

10) In line to AirBnB and Cleartrip, Makemytrip has also launched unique hyperlocal travel services? Whats its name ?

Ans – MakeMyTrip Experiences

11) Which country has recently launched Environment Index FRENV which will select 40 out of 120 stocks from the stock market which will be having the best environmental score?

Ans – France


Biz Quiz 006 Questions and Answers

1) Which Indian celebrity has recently invested in Bumble and a coding education company called Holberton School.

ANS – Priyanka Chopra

2) Who has recently been appointed as chief economist of International Monetary Fund (IMF)

ANS – G Gopinath

3) Which Indian crypto-currency exchange has recently shutdown its services?

ANS – Zebpay

4) Flipkart has tied up with which company to offer insurance to products like mobiles bought on its online shopping platform from October 10?

Ans – Bajaj Allianz

5) Which celebrity has recently launched his lifestyle brand PROWL?

Ans – Tiger Shroff

6) Who has recently published a book – Paradise Towers?

Ans – Shweta Bachchan-Nanda

7) Who has been recently appointed as CEO of ICICI bank post Chanda Kochchar?

Ans – Sandeep Bakshi

8) Recently government has granted Geographical Indication (GI) tag to the Alphonso Mango from Ratnagiri, Sindhudurg and other adjoining areas in Maharashtra. Which is the first product to get a GI tag in India in 2004?

Ans – Darjeeling Tea

9) Which brand has recently came up with campaign #ChalBadhChal featuring Roshni Misbah aka Hijabi Biker?

Ans – Liberty Shoes for line of sports footware – LEAP 7X.

10) Star Sports in association with which company brought legends Prasad and Sohail together to recreate their iconic moment of rivalry during Asia Cup match between India vs Pakistan?

Ans – Brooke Bond Red Label

11) Which country will be launching launched “Clean and green” campaign on October 13 2018?

Ans – Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan will be launching “Clean and Green Pakistan” 5 year campaign.


Biz Quiz 005 Questions and Answers

1) Which company has recently announced its electric car sharing service – WE?

Ans – Volkswagen

2) Recent ad by which brand says “hamare yahan rishte hi se nhi , chai se bante Hain?

Ans – Wagh Bakri Chai

3) In Its 41st AGM, RIL(Reliance Industries Limited) has announced new “fibre based high speed broadband service”?. Whats its name and when open registrations for this will start?

Ans – It has been named JioGigaFibre. The Registration process for this will start on 15th August 2018.


driverless bus

Which company just announced this driverless mini bus in China after making its 100th autonomous bus.

Ans – Baidu

5) Currently 3rd by market cap in breweries n distilleries in India, this company owns the famous brand 8PM. Which company.

Ans – Radico Khaitan

6) To create 5000 medals for Olympics and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020, What donation does Tokyo Metropolitan Government is seeking for extraction of Copper, Gold and silver to make medals?

Ans – Mobile Phone. Over 80000 mobile phones and other electronic devices has already been donated to Tokyo Metropolitan Government.



Allen Ikea Falcon

This is Allen the pregrine falcon installed by a company. Which company and what’s its made of?

Ans – Company is Ikea and this is made up of Allen Keys. This 23 foot wide bird was made from over 17000 Allen keys – the tool which is used to assemble many IKEA furniture.


burdock burrs


This is burdock burrs which gave inspiration to an electrical engineer George’s De Mestral to make something that we all are using in many ways. What?

Ans- Velcro

9) Mogo- what is this in relation to e-commerce site of India and which company has launched it.

Ans – Myntra launched its new Musical logo and named it Mogo

10) Kissan presently owned by HUL purchased this brand in 1993 from X. while X acquired kissan from Mitchell bros in 1950. I’d X

Ans – United Breweries Group


lacoste logo

lacoste save our species

Which company has swapped its distinctive logo for one of 10 threatened animal species on a series of limited-edition polo shirts?

Ans – Lacoste


Biz Quiz 004 Questions and Answers

1) Which app have benn launched by Instagram to take on its rival YouTube and Snapchat?
Ans – IGTV

2) Udna hai, Aaj Abhi is tagline of which company?
Ans – Future Group



Mi Pen , pillow and t shirt

Which company has recently launched Rollerball Pen, T-Shirt and Travel Pillow in India.

Ans- Xiaomi

4) Present Day Zimbabwe and Zambia were earlier called Rhodesia whose name was inspired from prime minister of cape colony in south Africa. What company that person started in 1871 that has still prominence in 21st century?

Ans – De Beers

5) Patanjali has tied up with which company to launch Swadeshi Samriddhi SIM cards?

Ans – BSNL

6) This Mumbai-based NGO was one among the seven charities picked by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to receive donations instead of a wedding gifts. Whats the name of this NGO?

Ans – Myna Mahila Foundation

7) Aiming at internationalisation of the country’s digital payment platform, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently launched three Indian mobile payment apps BHIM, RuPay and SBI app in which country ?

Ans – Singapore

8) In 2017 Forbes billionaire list two persons are brothers and are in top ten list. They both are from which company?

Ans – Koch Industries


logo of mphasis

mphasis logo

This is the new logo of which company?

Ans – Mphasis

10) 3) What is the parent company of Duracell Inc.-An American manufacturing company that produces batteries and smart power systems?

Ans – Berkshire Hathaway

11) As per recent WHO’s study of over 4,000 cities in 100 countries based on a comparison of the average amount of PM2.5 particle, how many cities are in India in world’s 10 most polluted cities?

Ans – Nine


Biz Quiz 003 Questions and Answers

1) Founded by IIT kanpur engineer Rahul Gautam and his mom sheela a four Time member of Parliament, this company leads in India with market share of 23 %, which company whose product you can find in many home.

Ans – Sleepwell Mattresses from Sheela Foam

2) This brewery started in 1860 was managed by family of Edward dyer and it was once listed in calcutta stock exchange. And on 2012, daughter of Bruce Willis was arrested in New York over drinking product of this at public place. Although this brewery claimed that this product is not exported to New York.

Ans – Murree Brewery from Pakistan.

3) Who is the new brand ambassador of Vivo replacing Ranveer Singh?
Ans – Aamir Khan

4) JIO has launched new AI-based brand engagement platform. Whats its name?
Ans – JIO Interact

5) The name of the product is mixing of the words like Alphonso, fun zone and the product started because it was supposed to be fun – the marketing director of the company said. Which recently launched product I am talking about?

Ans – Bisleri Fonzo

6) Meetha Pan, Kaala Khatta, Silky Chocolate and Juicy Strawberry has been launched keeping the Indian tastes and preferences in mind recently. Which company is behind this?

Ans – Durex Kohinoor

7) Recently Amazon has launched a lite web browser for Android devices in India. Whats it is called.

Ans – Internet

8) X licensing “can get quite expensive “ on a global scale. So Y design team, led by Noah Nathan and Tanya Kumar created their own X, which they say could save millions of dollars each year. What’s X and Y . Earlier they were using Gotham.

Ans – X=Font, Y = Netflix, Their new font is called Netflix Sans

9) It was founded by Khwaja Abdul Hamied as ‘The Chemical, Industrial & Pharmaceutical Laboratories’ in 1935 in Mumbai. Whats its current name?

Ans – Cipla


Daisy Robot

This is Daisy Robot. What does it do?

Ans – Recycle Iphones


Biz Quiz 002 Questions and Answers

  1. First part of name has been taken from its creator while second part is an Italian word which is type of nougat. This thing originated in 1908. What?

Ans – Toblerone – Toblerone was created by Theodor Tobler and Toblerone is portmanteau of Tobler’s name with the Italian word torrone (which is a type of nougat.)

2. Rishi Malhotra, Vinodh Bhat and Paramdeep Singh are co-founder of this and its headquarter is in Park Avenue, New York, what.

Ans – Saavn

3. On Valentines Day, Priya P Varrier did an ad on Instagram stating “So many Valentine’s requests but I m staying single.” Identify the product

Ans – Pringles

4. This ad is from Col. Sanders’ company as an apology to its customer for closing many KFC outlets in UK due to shortage of chicken. The shortage was a result of switch from one logistics to another. To which company did KFC shifted?

Ans – DHL

5. Nokia 8110 banana phone launched few days back was also launched back in 1996. Back then, use of this phone in a famous movie also helped popularised the phone and gave it a nickname, id movie

Ans – The Matrix Phone

6. India was the major producer of X as back as 30bc, which was traded in Europe through Egyptian, Romans and Arabs. With the discovery of route to India by Vasco da Gama, this trade came under the control of Portuguese. This shift had a high price which was finally borne by consumer resulting it as expensive as gold. Later with various colonial rule in Asia, it suffered the same fate as tea. International X exchange is located in Y, India while Z has become the major producer of X. Id X,Y & Z

Ans – X=Pepper, Y = Kochi, Z= Vietnam

7) Why the name twofour54, (this is a media zone located at heart of one of the fastest growing media markets in the world)?

Ans – Coordinates of Abu Dhabi

8) Amazon recently bought a door bell company with estimated $1 billion (approx Rs. 6,500 crores) in cash. What’s the company name?

Ans – Ring

9) Name this new app app developed by National Highway Authority of India which  enables users to report accidents, enter information of road quality and locate facilities like restaurants,  hospitals and petrol pumps on National Highways?

Ans – Sukhad Yatra

10) Songbirds,keynotes, pintunes, Googapella, etc are group of employees from various tech firms and can be seen at Techapella. What are they famous for?

Ans – All are musical group  from Twitter, apple, Pinterest, Google. Techapella is an annual Christmas concert where the in-house a cappella teams from all of the major technology companies showcase their singing capabilities.

Ecology/Environment Questions

11) Which day has been declared by Assam Government as Rhino Day?

Ans – September 22


Biz Quiz 001 Questions and Answers

1) X company has been named so because first location of factory started in a place called Vile X, while Vile X has been derived from the names of two temples, Virleshwar and ‘X’shwar. Its first location ceased operations in 2016 and now it houses Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Domestic terminal. I’d X


2) is a social media experiment which objectified women by compartmentalising in segments like wonder chef, bachat focused, agyakari, gharelu, sanskari etc. This website created outrage among people and some 4000 people also registered in it. Which media house is behind this social media experiment.

Ans – ZEE

3) A new channel launched on 12 feb has reported a reach of 140 million reach on first day – a feet never achieved before in the annals of TV history in India. Which channel

Ans – Discovery Jeet

4) The founder of this famous brand died when trying to kick an iron safe in order to open it and take the product. About which person I m talking.?

Ans – Jack Daniel

5) This brand born in 1847, with initial 4 letter taken from name of his 5 year old son and rest five letters is the Danish word for Hill, identify this brand.

Ans – Carlsberg

6) Identify the Company with this new logo.?

Ans – V Guard

7) In honor of International women’s day 2017, McCann partnered with State Street global agency to introduce something to the world which became a global phenomena within 24 hours, what?

Ans – Fearless girl

8) Old monk rum has a very deep connection with what become a turning point in India’s struggle for freedom. What’s the relation with the bloodbath that these English caused.

Ans – Mohan meakin maker of old monk acquired dyre meakin breweries which was started by father of General Dyre ( Responsible for Jalianwala Bagh Massacre)

9) She is Tracey Crouch, newly appointed in UK as minister of what?

Ans – Minister of Loneliness

10) Connect – Vicks,  Stanford Graduate School of Business and Golden Gate Bridge.

Ans – Roy Raymond (Founder of Victoria Secret), He workd in Vicks, Studied at Stanford Graduate School of Business and done suicide at Golden Gate Bridge.

No Business can run now without consideration of environment. So we will be listing one extra environment or ecology related question in every post. 

11) Environment Question – Which country has been announced by United Nations that will be a global Host for the World Environment Day 2018.?

Ans – India