Biz Quiz 020 – Sanitizer Quiz 2020

  1. Which company has launched Viroprotek brand of Sanitizers?

Ans – Asian Paints

2. Which company has forayed in Sanitizer segment with Securall brand of Sanitizers?


Ans – JSW Paints by JSW group

3) Salman Khan has recently announced Grooming and Personal Care brand which also sells sanitiser. Whats its name?

Salman Khan FRSH

Ans – FRSH

4) Emami has also forayed into santiser making. WIth what brand name they have started making sanitiser?

Ans – Boro Plus Sanitizer

5) Deepak Fertiliser has entered sanitizer segment. What brand name they are using for this segment?

Ans – Cororid

6) Which famous French multinational corporation converted their perfume factories to make Hand Sanitizer?

Ans – LVMH

7) Which company has launched their hand sanitizers under their hygiene brand Mediker?

Ans Marico

8) Which company has launched Ciphands’ range of Hand Sanitation products?

Ans – Cipla

9) Which company has launched their sanitiser under name – Nomarks Hand Sanitizers?

Ans – Bajaj Consumer care Ltd

10) DRDO has partnered with Noida based manufacturers to launch a contactless hand sanitizer. Whats its name?

Ans – Oakmist

11) Jyothy Labs has launched their hand sanitizer under which brand name?

Ans – Margo

12) Which company has launched world’s cheapest hand sanitiser which cost only 50 paise for a sachet?

Ans – ITC Savlon

13) New York launched its own hand sanitiser made by prison inmates. Whats its name?

Ans – NYS Clean

14) Which company has started making B- Safe Hand Sanitizer?


Ans – Mahindra Agri Chemicals – A unit of Mahindra Group


Biz Quiz 018 – New Gadgets and devices 2019-2020

  1. Which company has launched 100 bikes named Rage rider which is a anger power scooter?

Ans – Angry Birds by Rovio

2) Which company has launched this FM Radio power bank with 10,000mAh capacity?

Xiaomi FM Radio Power Bank

Ans – Xiaomi

3) Amazon has launched this Echo version at Rs4999 specifically in India. How is this unique from other Echo devices.

Ans – This is Amazon Echo portable edition which is only battery powered Echo device launched by Amazon

4) What is the name of this limited edition gift box launched by Mondelez India in July during Amazon Prime Day?

Oreo Stereo

Ans – Oreo Stereo

5) Which company has recently launched this fish tank in Chinese market?

Ans – Xiaomi

6) Which company launched these Audio Sunglasses in 2019?

Ans – Bose

7) Glasses of which company did Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi is wearing while looking at solar eclipse?

Maybach Eyewear

Ans – Maybach, Model is Maybach Eyewear The Artist V

8) Longines recently released a limited edition watch limited to only 5 pieces in honour of which celebrity?


Ans – Aishwarya rai Bachchan

9) Which company recently launched this unique pinstripe helmets which got sold out in 180 seconds?

Pinstripes helmet

Ans – Royal Enfield

10) Whats so unique about this SIM card ?

Ans – This is Eco SIM Card, This is Environment friendly sim card which uses less than 4 grams of Plastic as compared to 16 grams in normal SIMs.


Biz Quiz 017 Questions and answers December 2019

  1. Which vintage candy of Parle was relaunched when a fan tweeted Parle to relaunch this product and in turn Parle replied to get 10000 retweets featuring certain hashtags #Bringback____. Which candy thus was relaunched?

Ans – Rola Cola

2. Name this vehicle which was announced recently with features like armored plating and bulletproof glass but became a part of meme when the front glass broke just with a small steel ball.

Ans – Tesla CyberTruck

3. LIBOR – London Inter-Bank offered rate will soon be replaced by SONIA. What is the full form of SONIA?

Ans – Sterling Overnight Index Average

4. Rivigo – A billion dollar logistics startup uses a relay truck model to move shipment from one place to another. What do they call their drivers?

Ans – Pilots

5. Which company few months back launched app “Bolo” for teaching kids learn in Hindi?

Ans – Google

6. Realme has launched a full-stack financial services platform in India. Whats its name?

Ans – Real Me Paysa

7. Which company has recently launched Audible Suno app in India?

Ans – Amazon

8. Which country has recently launched its online AI crash course free for the world – ?

Ans – Finland

9. Who has recently launched this foldable phone? And whats its name ?

Ans – Roberto Escobar , Escobar Fold 1 Phone

10) Why Jacques Kallis has uploaded a picture of his with moustache half shaved on Instagram?

Ans – He has taken “Save the Rhino” challenge which requires shaving half his facial and chest hair in order to raise awareness and money to save Rhino Population.


Biz Quiz 016 Questions and answers Nov 2019

  1. Lenovo owned sub brand Motorola will be launching a new version of which vintage phone at a whooping price of $1500.

Ans – Moto Razr

2) Disney has launched a new streaming app recently. What’s its name ?

Ans – Disney Plus

3) Hardcastle Restaurants has dragged the government to court over no input tax credit in the GSTframework for restaurants. This Company owns franchise for what in India?

Ans – Mc Donalds

4) Which company has recently launched a meme creating app called “Whale” for its iPhone users?

Ans – Facebook

5) Which smartphone manufacturer will unveil its all new Operating system ColorOs7 in India on November 26 2019?

Ans – Oppo

6) Which company recently bought Fitbit for an all cash deal of $2.1 Billion?

Ans – Google

7) According to the 2019 Ad Age Leading National Advertisers report, which company spend maximum in 2018 in advertising.

Ans – Comcast

8) Which app has recently launched this feature in their app which is limited to only OnePlus phones during Diwali this year 2019?


Ans – Snapchat

9) Co-Founder of which company has recently launched a social networking app WT: Social to take on Facebook and twitter?

Ans – Wikipedia

10) Which app has launched these stickers and what name has been given to these?

Ans – Hikemoji by Hike

11) Give me the full form. It is initiative by MP tourism?

Ans – Toilet Cleaning Monitoring system


Biz Quiz 015 Questions and answers 2019

  1. Which company has recently launched their first gaming smartphone under its sub-brand iQoo?

Ans – Vivo

2. Which company has recently launched a smartphone
Power Max P18K which has a gigantic battery of 18000mAh?

Ans – Energizer

3. Paytm will be launching subscription based loyalty program which will include free susbcription, Zomato gold, Viu Premium, Sony Liv subscription and many more. Whats its name?

Ans – Paytm First

4. Which company has invested Rs 10 crore in its new ad campaign ‘Subway Baby’?

Ans – Saint Gobain

5. Pillsbury Cookie Cake has tied up with which IPL team in its latest campaign ”
Pillsbury Cookie Cake Jo Khaaye, Fan Ban Jaaye “?

Ans – Royal Challengers Bangalore

6. Uber has launched a new feature for female drivers in which country which lets them block male passengers from hailing their ride ?

Ans – Saudi Arabia

7. Recently Asian Tea Alliance launched in China, which five countries are part of this alliance?

Ans – India, China, Indonesia, Sri lanka and Japan

8. Manish Maheshwari has been appointed as head of Twitter India.
He previously worked in Procter and Gamble, Network18 Digital, Mckinsey and which ecommerce company?

Ans – Flipkart

9) As per the survey by UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) , which is the most common password?

Ans – 123456

10) Which company has recently opened nine square kilometer facility that can house up to 25,000 employees where campus is split into towns named after European city?

Ans – Huawei

11) Which city has recently started Pollution tax specially targeted to older cars?

Ans – London


Biz Quiz 014 Questions and Answers

Former PepsiCo chief Indra Nooyi has joined board of directors of which company?

Ans – Amazon

2. Which company has recently came with an opportunistic ad based on the famous dialogue of movie Uri – “Hows the Josh”?

Ans – Bajaj Allianz

3. Which channel has launched the #BabySitting campaign ahead of the Australia’s Tour of India where Virender Sehwag is the lead character?

Ans – Star Sports

4. Which fully-owned subsidiary of Shanghai-headquartered auto firm SAIC Motor Corporation will soon be entering Indian SUV market in mid 2019 (Hint – No, We don’t build garages)

Ans – Morris Garages

5. Which Sweden based music streaming service has recently been launched in India at monthly subscription price of Rs 119?

Ans – Spotify

6. Spotify has launched in India with this small digital film. Which advertising agency has conceptualised this film?

Ans – Leo Burnett India

7. Which company is behind the new Voice of Hunger challenge launched for all Instagram users ?

Ans – Swiggy

8. IRCTC has launched their own payment aggregator. What’s its name?

Ans – IRCTC iPay

9. OYO has launched their operations in Japan through joint venture with which company?

Ans – Yahoo

10. Billionaire Steven Rales has recently announced purchase of GE’s biopharma business at $21.4 Billion in cash. Which movie this person coproduced that was nominated in Best animated feature film. ( Although it didn’t got the Oscars).

Ans – Isle of Dogs

11. Which two companies has recently joined to start a “Nextgen Cup Challenge ” to make more sustainable paper cup?

Ans – Starbucks and McDonalds, other companies that later joined this are Coca Cola, Yum brands, Nestle and Wendy’s


Biz Quiz 012 Questions and Answers

1) Which company has recently launched Bikaneri twistkeen salty snacks?

Ans- Kurkure by Pepsico

2) Which company has recently launched a campaign #GiftAFestival to your mom for the upcoming Diwali?

Ans – Bajaj Electricals

3) Which person also called as “Father of Android” was recently accused of sexually conduct with #metoo campaign and for which Google was accused of not making accusation on him public?

Ans – Andy Rubin

4) Amazon(US) has recently launched a program for teaching computer coding to students which targets 1000000 students per year to teach how to code. Whats the name of the program?

Ans – Amazon Future Engineer

5) Amazon has recently tied up with which bank for launching a credit card which will give reward points which are uncapped, do not expire, and each reward point is equivalent to 1 rupee.

Ans – ICICI Bank

6) Which brand under ITC has launched its first-ever ruby chocolates this Diwali?

Ans – ITC Fabelle

7) Royole corporation has recently launched Flexipai Phone. What special feature make it the world’s first such kind of phone?

Ans – World’s first foldable phone which can withstand more than 200000 open and shut movements.

8) Which company recently launched free streaming platform ET Live?

Ans – CBS

9) Paytm recently launched app for mutual fund. Whats its name?

Ans Paytm Money

10) Elon Musk recently announced Tesla branded Tequila. Whats its name?

Ans – Teslaquilla

11) Which bank has recently unveiled interactive game based mobile ad campaign that promotes Sampurn(e)arth which is a CSR initiative for comprehensive waste management?

Ans – DBS Bank


Biz Quiz 011 Questions and Answers

1) Uber Eats has tied up with which company to create India’s largest virtual restaurant network?

Ans – Cafe Coffee day

2) Maruti has roped in which celebrity star as brand ambassador for Arena sales channel?

Ans – Varun Dhawan

3) Which brand has launched Germ Nashini outdoor campaign by installing extra blessing hands of Goddess Durga as automated hand-sanitiser dispenser at selected Puja pandals?

Ans – Lifebuoy

4) Myntra has launched its new brand targeting plus size apparel segment. Whats its name?

Ans – Sztori

5) Which company recently purchased Complan making company Kraft Heinz India business?

Ans – Cadilla Healthcare owned Zydus Wellness

6) Which company recently acquired Red hat (Open source software company) at a whooping price of $33 Billion?

Ans – IBM

7) Which Indian cricket star and his wife has recently launched a home décor brand ‘DaONE Home?

Ans – Shikhar Dhawan( His peers calls him DaOne, thats why this name)

8) SafeCorp holdings is recently in news for acquiring of Star Health & Allied Insurance. This company is a consortium of WestBridge AIF, Madison Capital and which famous investor?

Ans – Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

9) Paytm owned by One97 communications recently launched which QR based payment service in japan?

Ans – Paypay

10) Which recent bollywood movie grossed more than Rs100 crore mark in China?

Ans – Hichki

11) BSNL has tied up with which company for deploying pollution detecting smart poles throughout the country that will detect the pollution levels and alert the departments concerned?

Ans – Nokia


Biz Quiz 10 Limited edition Question and answers

1) This is special edition Tissot watches, but in stop watch, number 20 has been replaced with 18 as one can see in below picture. Why?

Tissot special edition

Tissot 18

Ans – This is Tissot Chrono XL Classic specially edited to commemorate its international brand ambassador Virat Kohli. Stop watch number 20 has been replaced with Virat Kohli jersey no 18 as a special customization dedicated to him.

2) This is limited edition headphones designed by beats by DRE. Whom this is dedicated to ?

Beats headphones

Beats Headphones

Ans – This is new special edition Mickey Mouse Solo 3 Wireless headphones launched for celebrating 90th anniversary of Mickey Mouse in collaboration with Lil Yatchy rapper.

3) In association with Taco Bell, Microsoft has launched X Box One X platinum limited edition. A person who purchase a double chalupa box for $5 will get a lucky chance to win this XBox. What special peculiarity is built in this.

Ans – One can hear the ring of Taco Bell when you power up your Xbox One X unlike any other XBox console.

4) For celebrating what, Absolut Vodka has launched this special edition vodka?

Tiger 70% population

Absolut Vodka

Ans – To celebrate that India is now home to 70% of the world’s Tiger population.

5) Diageo owned Johnnie Walker has recently released Limited edition Scotch whisky “White walker” is inspired by what ?

Ans – Games of Thrones

6) Partnering with electric car maker Tesla, which company will soon be launching special edition Magic 2?

Ans – Honor by Huawei

7) HongKong watch maker company Anicorn has recently launched Limited edition watches only 60 in number in association with whom?

image courtesy of Anicorn

Anicorn NASA watch

Ans – To celebrate 60 years of peaceful exploration of space, Anicorn in association with NASA has launched only 60 watches which was sold out in 1 minute only.

8) Which company will soon be launching these Limited edition Game of thrones inspired sneakers?


GOT adidas sneakers

Ans – Adidas

9) Which company will soon be launching remastered classic yellow boot to celebrate its 45th anniversary?

Ans – Timberland which was earlier called Abington Shoe company launched an yellow boot and named it Timberland from where the company current name is taken.

10) Which fast food chain has recently launched a burger named “Nightmare King” just ahead of Halloween?

Ans – Burger King


Biz Quiz 009 Questions and Answers

1) What blunder does Coca Cola did with this advertisement Kia Ora, Mate in New ZeaLand?

Kia ora coca cola

Kia Ora mate ad

Ans The literal meaning of this word Kia Ora Mate in local language is “Greetings Death ” or “Hello Death”. But what they wanted was to mix the local language with English word Mate.

2) After a gap of almost 6 years, Hyundai is launching which car again in market with new look – code named AH-2?

Ans – Hyundai Santro

3) Myntra has launched which ethnic brand recently with Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan?

Ans – House of Pataudi

4) Which sports celebrity in association with Puma has recently launched a sneaker namely “Basket Classic One8” which was also designed by the celebrity itself?

Ans – Virat kohli

5) Which company has recently launched flagship blockchain-focused smartphone “Exodus 1” which can be bought with cryptocurrency tokens only?

Ans – HTC has launched this phone to keep customer’s cryptocurrency safe and has developed its own cryptocurrency wallet Zion. This phone can be bought at 0.15 Bitcoin.

6) Which celebrity has recently launched Women safety app “Raudram”?

Ans – Kamal Hassan

7) Which London based Auction house will soon be auctioning 22 items from physicist Stephen Hawking which included his wheelchairs and thesis papers?

Ans – Christie’s

8) Which India’s furniture marketplace has launched the campaign “Diwali to sabke liye hai”?

Ans – Pepperfry

9) Tanishq has launched an exquisite collection of Jewellery this Diwali. What’s its name?

Ans – Tanishq Utsav

10) Which condom brands recently tweeted about “Top Ten things men should understand, No means No” in support of #metoo campaign

Manforce tweet

metoo campaign

Ans – Manforce Condoms

11) Minister of Environment has launched what campaign for a healthy and Green Diwali?

Ans – Harit Diwali-Swasth Diwali campaign